Spanish Armada Visitor Centre Opens for Summer 2024

Armada 1588 Film in Madrid - Photos

In March 2024 Spanish Armada Ireland was invited to screen Armada 1588 : Naufragio y Supervivencia at two locations in Madrid as part of Semana de Irlanda. Click here for more details and for our photo montage.

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Tickets Sold Out - Entradas Agotadas

Tickets for the 2 screenings of Armada 1588 : Naufragio y Supervivencia during Semana de Irlanda in Madrid are now FULLY SUBSCRIBED. Las entradas para el estreno de la película Armada 1588 : Naufragio y Supervivencia – un evento de Semana de Irlanda en Madrid ya están agotadas. Para más información sobre el evento, haga click aquí.



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the Armada

will take place between 14-17 September 2023 at Streedagh and Grange. Details on the programme can be found in our Festival section. Here is a short video from last year's event. 

Captain Francisco de Cuéllar

A new book on the life of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar, hero of the Spanish Armada who was shipwrecked at Streedagh Beach in Sligo and lived to tell the tale, has recently been published.

It tells the story, not only of the dramatic events at Streedagh in September 1588, but also of his life before and after these events. Bearing in mind his ability to survive against the odds during the months he spent on the run in Ireland, there’s no doubt but that the rest of his life, largely unknown until now, will make for fascinating reading.

Congratulations to author Francis Kelly on what is sure to be a highly interesting read.

Captain Francisco de Cuéllar: The Armada, Ireland and the Wars of the Spanish Monarch, 1578-1606 is now available online at and in all good bookshops.

Spanish Armada Film now on sale

Armada 1588 : Shipwreck & Survival – a film on the story of Spanish Armada Captain Francisco de Cuéllar, shipwrecked in Sligo in 1588, is now on sale. Download from Vimeo page by clicking here for English or Spanish versions.

All proceeds from the film help us maintain the Spanish Armada story and keep our Visitor Centre open to the public.

Spanish Armada Visitor Centre

The Spanish Armada Visitor Centre is located at the Old Courthouse in Grange, Co. Sligo and provides a fascinating insight into the area’s Armada past.

It includes artefacts and replicas from the wrecks of three Spanish Armada ships at Streedagh Beach in Sligo in September 1588.

A visit here includes the screening of a half hour documentary programme on the life of Armada survivor Captain Francisco de Cuéllar.

The Courthouse, Grange, Sligo, Ireland

We are now closed until 2024 for individual visits. However, group visit can be arranged by prior appointment via email to