Grange and Armada Development Association (GADA) welcomes you to our inaugural International Armada Conference.



The Conference brings together international shipwreck specialists and scholars, from Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe and the USA, to explore current historical research and archaeological investigation not just on shipwrecks from that era but also with a specific connection to the events of the Spanish Armada campaign of 1588. It is a unique opportunity to take part in a conference with leading underwater archaeologists and historians and to be involved in a progressive discussion on how to take such research forward into the 21st century.

Three great ships of the Armada Levant squadron were wrecked in Streedagh Bay in September 1588, wrecks that remain largely untouched for over 400 years. The recovery of bronze ordnance and other significant artefacts in 2015 by the State Underwater Archaeology Unit (UAU) of the National Monuments Service continues to highlight the archaeological potential of the wreck sites. This has added valuable further information to our understanding of the history of armaments and shipwreck archaeology from the late-16th century.

GADA promotes the protection and conservation of the Armada Shipwreck sites at Streedagh in Co. Sligo, which are protected under the National Monuments Acts 1987-2004. GADA seeks to encourage scholarly research on the 1588 Spanish Armada and its context within Irish, European and World history.

We look forward to showcasing to all delegates and attendees the beauty of Sligo and the North West, its wealth of natural and cultural heritage, its people, music, food and spectacular scenery – all along the Wild Atlantic Way.

We look forward to welcoming you to the International Armada Conference in September 2017 in what promises to be a stimulating and inspiring experience.