The Remembering the Armada ceremony provides a fitting end to the Celtic Fringe Festival, and takes place annually on Streedagh Beach, which is located along the Wild Atlantic Way in Sligo, Ireland.

Every year, locals and visitors alike assemble at Streedagh to pay tribute to the lives of Spanish Armada sailors, 1,100 of whom died on the beach in 1588. In recent years, this event has also come to attract many Spanish people who come to connect with their ancestors.

The Armada story at Streedagh is a complex one, which brings to mind a time of conflict, deprivation and at every step, a fight for survival. The account of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar, a Spanish Armada survivor at Streedagh, describes a world which we can scarcely relate to, much less judge.

Therefore, by paying tribute to all of the lives lost during those tumultuous days at Streedagh, we respectfully remember those souls who perished, and we hope in some small way that this will help build new friendships between the Irish and Spanish people who come to the event.

Filmed on location at Streedagh Beach, Sligo on September 24th 2017 by local television production company Omedia with soundtrack by Niamh Farrell, who sings the lament “Úna Dheas Ní Niadh”.

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Many people lent their support to make the Streedagh event possible. Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support:
Lang’s Bar and Restuarant
Moran’s Bar and B&B
Supervalu Grange
Five Star Fun Grange
Island View Riding Stables Grange
Londis Grange
and Benbulben Motor Show

Thank you to all our volunteers, too numerous to mention individually A special mention to Peter Gau from Peter’s Art and Craft Stuff for the painstaking work of hand-making the crosses and scorching them to give them their individuality. Thank you to everyone who came out on the day to help make the commemoration so special and memorable.

Y a la gente española, siempre habrá una bienvenida en Streedagh para vosotros.