Thank you everyone who applied to take part in the upcoming short film we are having recorded about the Spanish Armada at Streedagh. We had an incredible response from applicants who wanted to take part, far beyond what we expected, showing the level of interest in this story.

Please note that we are now fully subscribed. Our production team will be in touch with the applicants we want to attend the auditions, which means, unfortunately that some of you will be left disappointed.

Follow our Facebook page for ongoing updates about this exciting project, which will be filmed in the coming months and which will be screened as part of the visitor experience at the Spanish Armada Visitor Centre in Grange and online. We will post content throughout the production process and are looking forward to seeing the final film. This will include blog posts, video clips, photos from the film set, interviews with the production team and cast, and a whole pile of social media content.