Local Organising Committee


Our mission is to establish Grange as the Armada Centre for Ireland through:

  • The protection and conservation of the Armada Wreck site at Streedagh
  • The development of an Armada Interpretive Centre at the Courthouse in Grange
  • An annual series of events commemorating the Armada story



Eddie O’Gorman

Eddie is Chair of the Spanish Armada Conference and has been a driving force behind reviving the Armada’s connections with Sligo for many years. His incredible drive and enthusiasm has been a main reason for this first ever International Conference coming into being, Eddie’s aim is to establish Grange and the greater Sligo region as the home of the Spanish Armada in Ireland and to reignite connections with this chapter in our history.



Prannie Rhatigan

Dr Prannie Rhatigan grew up along the Sligo coast where the long ago christened Carraig na Spainne, or Spaniard’s Rock was visible from her home. Medical doctor, culinary author, international seaweed expert and organic gardener, her involvement with the story of de Cuéllar dates to early childhood and the speculations of her amateur historian father as to the whereabouts of the Spanish wrecks.



Marie Casserly

Councillor Marie Casserly is a native of Streedagh – her home looks out on the wreck site where the 3 Spanish Armada ships lie under the sands at Streedagh. In her role as a public representative, Marie ensures that the Spanish Armada’s connections with Sligo are well established, and she is highly effective in developing links with State agencies here and abroad. 


Declan Bruen

Declan is another who grew up literally within a stone’s throw of the Armada sites at Streedagh. Yet another member of our committee who has boundless energy to establish Grange as the centre for all things related to the Spanish Armada in Ireland.



Tom Hayes

Tom lives in North Sligo with wife Kate & daughter Aoife. He is actively involved in many community projects and has been involved with GADA (Grange & Armada Development Association) and the Celtic Fringe Festival since their inception. Tom enjoys a game of golf, plays percussion with a local four-piece and is a keen traveller. 



Micheál Ó Domhnaill

Micheál is a television producer and sports journalist with an interest in local history. He filmed the short vignettes of the momentous day 9 Spanish Armada cannon were brought ashore at Mullaghmore and also of the Remembering the Armada commemoration ceremony at Streedagh.