Armada 1588 Film Launch

Spanish Armada Film now on sale

Armada 1588 : Shipwreck & Survival a film on the story of a Spanish Armada Captain shipwrecked in Sligo in 1588 is on sale to the public. Following its launch on May 22nd 2020 (9pm) the film is available for download from the Omedia Vimeo page by clicking either of the links above. You can download the film with either English or Spanish narration.

Watch the Armada 1588 : Shipwreck & Survival film trailer below.

Armada 1588 : Shipwreck & Survival tells the tale of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar, washed ashore on Streedagh Beach near Grange on the 21st September 1588, and his incredible fight for survival. It is based on a true story, and describes how three Armada ships were wrecked at Streedagh, with the loss of more than 1,000 Spanish lives. De Cuéllar was one of the few Spanish soldiers to escape death, and his flight to freedom includes capture and escape, ruin and salvation, told in the words of someone who had to reach the very limits of human endurance to survive.