Sunday 17th September

9am swim with the Streedagh Splashers.

9.30 Big Beach Clean up with Clean Coast Ireland- Fighting for a Plastic Free Ocean

10am: OPV (Ocean Patrol Vessel ) Centinela wreath laying between 10 and 12 noon at Streedagh

10am – 12pm : Climate Lecture Series

To finish off our festival, we will once again take to Streedagh Beach to have dip at 9am with the ‘Streedagh Splashers’ (all welcome), take part in the Clean Coasts Big Beach Clean Up and learn more about how we can help in the battle against Climate Change.

Full details below.

Big Beach Clean up weekend of 17th September all over Ireland.

We are delighted to host a Dune and Beach clean up at Streedagh. Clean Coasts is once again teaming up with the Ocean Conservancy for the International Coastal Cleanup event. Last year, 789,138 volunteers in more than 100 countries collected nearly 20.5 million pounds (or 9.3 million kilograms) of marine litter during last year’s International Coastal Cleanup event. As in previous years, cigarette butts—which contain plastic filters—topped the list at approximately 2.4 million collected; with food wrappers (1.7 million), plastic beverage bottles (1.6 million), plastic bottle caps (1.1 million), and plastic grocery bags (757,523) rounding out the top five. We were part of it in 2022. Be a part of the action again this September.

All the following FREE activities start at 10 and run until 12.

Covered stands in car park with interactive discussions on:

10.00 am Sand Dune Protection . How is the Sand Dune? presented by ATU Sligo
10.30 am Recycling our Waste- Can we do better? presenter  tbc
11.00 am A snapshot in time- our landscape and terrain. presenter tbc
11.30  The Ocean in Focus – seaweed identification and tasting with Dr Prannie Rhatigan from the Irish Seaweed Kitchen

Sand Dune Protection: 

More frequent severe storms have caused damage to the dunes. Researchers from the ATU  will present some topics that are of interest to the community. Shoreline erosion in Streedagh over the years has been observed using satellite data. A cost benefit analysis of sand dune management for three beaches in Sligo, including Streedagh will be discussed. They are also doing interesting work with low cost sensors in Sligo, such as smart pebbles, that measure the changes in sand movement due to wind. All of these could help offer some insights to the community. Ananya Tiwari is also doing a survey to understand the community’s needs in the face of climate change.

Recycling our Waste- Can we do better? :

25 recycling facts and statistics show the state of plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, electronic and food recycling in 2022.                       Materials like glass and aluminium have high recycling rates and can be recycled endlessly, but many types of plastics are labeled recyclable when they are not. The world produces about 400 million tons of plastic waste a year, but plastic is being recycled at an even lower rate than previously estimated.

The Ocean in Focus:

Seaweed identification and tasting with the Irish Seaweed Kitchen

Seaweed is a crop that scientists believe can help to effectively reverse the climate crisis. A recent study found seaweeds 20 times more effective than plants at carbon sequestration: taking CO2 from the atmosphere and “locking” it up in solid or liquid form. Seaweed does this effortlessly by exporting a large portion of its biomass out into the deep sea.

Seaweeds are also remarkably tasty. See can you identify the different species and taste some delicious seaweeds for yourself.