Event Title: Tercio Irlanda; Living History Group present a 16th Century Native

Irish Encampment with Weaponry and Clothing Exhibition and


Date: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September

Time: Presentation duration circa 45 minutes

Sat: 10.00am, 11.00am 12.00 noon

Sun: 10.00am 11.00am 12.00 noon


Sat: Grange Playground Park

Sun: Streedagh Beach

Tickets: N/A

Fee: Free Event

Enjoy some history up close and personal, history with a pulse, Tercio Irlanda provide an excellent way of learning about our shared history. Tercio Irlanda’s passion and interactive style means learning is both fun and empowering. We keep alive the memory of our ancestors and the story they passed down through the generations. Our Heritage Educational programme is family friendly and an experience that will have a positive and enriching impact for years to come. 

Together let’s make history. Enjoy a Tercio Irlanda encampment where you will see Irish and Spanish arms, armour, clothing and some of the food our ancestors enjoyed from the 16-17th centuries.

Tercio Irlanda will participate in our commemoration ceremony and parade from 3.00pm at Streedagh Beach and Armada Memorial on Saturday and will be available for informal visits and appearances on Saturday evening.

Tercio Irlanda will share their passion for the rich historical links between Spain and Ireland. Learn about:

* The Treaty of Dingle.

* Spanish involvement in the Desmond Rebellions. 

* The Spanish Armada and its lasting effects to this very day.

* The massacre of Smerwick.

* The Battle of Kinsale.

* The Wild Geese before the Wild Geese. 

* The epic march of O Sullivan Beare and it’s Spanish connections.

** And much much more.